Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Love

Greetings dear Bloggers!
I can't believe how quickly a week has passed me by! Since last Wednesday... I packed and cleaned my house, took my little doggie in for emergency surgery on moving day. Drove over 2500 miles cross country with my hubby, 3 year old son, 5 pound pup, and the inlaws, unloaded some stuff in NC, went to our new church, headed down to Florida for some time with the family... then kept busy visiting with friends and such. Shwew! I am tired! Though, I will say that I got some crafty time at my mother-in-law's house and made a card for a friend. I will share that one soon. :) I am still in transition. My husband heads up to NC on Saturday so he can start the new job and do some house hunting for us. Hopefully it will only be a few weeks before we can find a place to live and get settled. In the meantime, I am being spoiled with family time in Florida.
This card honors and celebrates my sweet in-laws. John and Gail have been married for 36 years. I still can't believe that they chose to celebrate their anniversary driving cross country with us. Now that's love!
I just LOVE how this card came out!
>> My new stamp set "Embellishments" created the distressed swirly border along with the sentiment on the front of the card.
>> I have to give props to "Graphics Fairy" for sprucing my project up with the vintage picture of the cute couple, and the awesome ornate frame! Love that!
>> A few finishing touches include some sparkly glitter on the parasol to really make it pop, but some color on the frame. My cuttlebug added some texture, and a little lace finished things off nicely. :)
Well, I am hoping that even thought I will still be in transition that next week I can get life back into a schedule of some sort. Until then, I pray you have an AWESOME couple of days as we close out August!
hugs and smiles,

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  1. Wow that sounds like a lot of living crammed into a few short weeks!! Hoping you find a place to live soon! :) great card- thanks for sharing!



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