Sunday, April 10, 2011

Introducing GRUNGE ME and My Hero, My Dad, (Day 2)

Hello, Hello! Time for some more ipsiration from the upcoming Papetrey Ink April release! ....................... GRUNGE ME: retails at $15 on the Papertrey site. My Hero, My Dad: retails at $24 on the Papetrey site.
GRUNGE ME is the stepping stone for a graphic designer to gracefully take charge in the stamping world. As a graphic designer, I know how hard it is when I feel limited by my stamp options. (Such limitations don't exist on my computer.) GRUNGE ME takes the limitations and throws them out the window. And working on these projects has reminded me of how FUN stamping really is! To have the control of the colors, the and image combos is a blast! AND, believe it or not, but the satisfaction of creating my own art actually sped up my process... Instead of looking for more and more elements to throw together, I felt more satisfied with the simple cards because I had more creative input... when it's all said and done, I love having more time for more projects, and this stamp set did just that! I popped out three totally different cards in 45 minutes... when does that ever happen?! :)
This was a combo of elements from My Hero, My Dad, and the sentiment from Grunge Me. My three year old son recently found our old GameBoy (remember from like 20 years ago?) and I guess I had Tetris on my brain and thought it could be a nostalgic feel for any of those video game boys who still have their old Nintendos in the closet (my husband being one of them!) It's a simple card, but a little glitter on a few of the "tetris blocks" went a long way. :)

Here's a simple preview for "My Hero, My Dad".... I love the green tones, and my favorite part of the card has to be the staples holding the twine in place. For some reason it makes me think of a man saying: "Oh just get the stapler, that'll fix it." (Whether they are talking about household needs or fixing a child's boo-boo... staples always seem to be a go-to on a man's list of fix-it options.)

Use practical stuff... if you are making a project for a guy, look into his world and choose elements that reflect his life. Maybe you inspect the garage and use a torn strip of sand paper, specialty tapes, or fishing wire, metal washers, or cardboard. Men love the feel of textures in their hands... so don't be afraid to raid their space a bit and cater to their style. :)
I can't wait to share more fun stuff coming up this week! Keep returning for more awesome cards and projects that will leave you inspired!
Check out Nichole's and Betsy's blog to see more ideas for this stamp set! You will love them!

All Smiles, Tiffany


  1. love the grung-iness of these cards

  2. Congratulation for this gorgeous stamps.

    your card are so inspiring. And thanks for the little tip with bringing men "toys" in my masculine cards.

  3. Gorgeous cards! Especially that first one I love a lot, the colors are wonderful! And I love the way you can combine these all! The paint splatters will be wonderful as well, combined with other stamps! Many, many possibilities!
    Hugs, Wendy

  4. I'm livin your You Rock card! This set is so cool with all it's retro design! :)

  5. Love what I'm seeing done with these stamps. On my "must Have" list for sure.

  6. Tiffany, I love your sets. I own almost all of them which is no surprise since they're always soooo amazing! I can't wait to add these two sets to my collection. Masculine stamps are my faves. Thank you!

  7. Wonderful cards. I can't wait to see the entire sets. I discovered today that I need some more backgrounds sets so I'm looking forward to the release.



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