Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sending Cuddles and Kisses

 Hello Sweet Bloggers!
    I hope you have been enjoying your summers days! Mine have been packed full and I have been loving every minute. We spent time in Florida where I got to attend my brother's graduation from Reform Theological Seminary. I got to be at my future-sis-inlaw's bridal shower, I got to teach and lead worship at an amazing youth camp. I was a bridesmaid in my friends' wedding in Key West (my hubby got to officiate!)... I also took my kids to VBS in my hometown in FL, did a bunch of graphic work, and our whole family celebrated as my brother married his sweetheart on July 1. Now we are packing the house, and preparing to move to Ocala, FL in a week. We are very excited to be super close to all our family. What a summer! So full and so good!

 This post shares a slew of cards I put together for Mother's Day and some other birthdays and such.  I am pretty mesmerized by my adorable kids, so I figured the moms in my life would not mind if I gave them a fun focal point like pics of the grandkids. :) PTI Colors are Hawaiian Shores, Spring Moss, and Raspberry Fizz.

 The glittered borders are a fab way to spruce up a card, especially when it frames a pic, and you have many cards to produce at one. I also love the pearls and doily lace-- that stuff always charms me a bit.
 The card above was a birthday card for my sis, who loves her baby niece! This little photo shoot on the front steps of my house gave lots of artistic options.
 These cards were for some other friends birthdays as well. The color combo seemed perfect for summer. The pink tulle was a perfect match and added nice texture.

 I made these last two cards for my mama and my husband's mom. The picture was so precious I couldn't pass up cherishing this moment. I particularly loved the PTI raspberry fizz coupled with the teal glitter. Simple, yet absolutely perfect for setting out on your counter top all season long.

 Time for more packing! SO, be sure to soak up some sun, read a great novel (Did I mention the movie "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks is being filmed in my little town here?! Crazy!)... get some strawberry lemonade and enjoy a slow paced summer afternoon.
Nothing but Grace,

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  1. Oh my Tiffany, Your two little ones are so precious! Love the cards you made, they are the MOST thoughtful gifts you can give!



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