Thursday, September 13, 2012

Snowflake Medley Countdown, day 4

 Hello dear bloggers!
        First of all-- THANKS SO MUCH for your gracious responses yesterday! I LOVE your feedback, and fresh ideas, and well, of course getting compliments on my cute son is never bad either! :)  If you missed it-- there IS a GIVE AWAY from yesterday's post, and you can definitely still enter. Just check out the post and you will find all the details. You have until Sept. 15 to enter.

A RECAP on this week's big excitement...

My newest stamp set "Snowflake Medley" is releasing on Papertrey Ink's online store on Sept. 15 for only $15!!

You can learn more about the set and see my other projects from DAY1, DAY 2, and DAY 3 of the count down.
 OK, I hope you are not sick of my PTI color scheme--- Pure Poppy, Ocean Tides, and Aqua Mist. LOVE THIS! And yes, it IS really nice to have my whole mantle COVERED in projects for the release and they all MATCH!
 All right, I had to have some cards that showcase a bit of the layering possibilities with this stamp set. The first card show is really quite simple, but still feels like there is so much to look at. Kind of like the inspiring beauty of really snowflakes as they trickle in the sky... so simple, so quiet, so peaceful, yet completely awe inspiring. (We lived in Colorado Springs for a year, and pretty much EVERY TIME it snowed, which was A LOT,  I was glued to the window watching the flurries dance in the sky. I LOVE the snow!!)

SO, this card, with the vertical orientation lends to the motion of snow falling, plus the random pattern gives that same feel. A little bling and some stitching go a long way for this card.

And as for the sentiment, well, who DOESN'T LOVE "The Sound of Music"??? I have been belting out tunes from the musical all week. "When the dog bites! When the bee stings! When I'm feeling sad! I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!" Come now! Sing it with me-- you know you want, too. Sing it at the top of your lungs-- because I totally am!

 The second card was also a blast to make. First I used glue and created some free hand flourishes and doused them in Martha Stewart glitter which happens to match oh-so-perfectly.  Then I just started layering snowflakes and adding little bits of fun... such as the Aqua Mist PTI ribbon, and the music tape via Tim Holtz. The cream snowflakes were cut on the lined journal blocks from Making Memories, and the black pattern paper came from there as well.
 I layered the Aqua Mist snowflake to give more of a 3D embellishments effect.
 I love how this card feels like it has a lot going on, but nothing really seems to compete. It all just works together really well. This was a card that, honestly, came together really fast and effortlessly.
Well, my dears,  I hope you are enjoying the cards for today! Leave a note-- I love hearing your thoughts. And definitely sign up for the prize from yesterday! Tomorrow is the last big day before the release and I have a bunch of things to share-- and saving the best for last!


Smiles, Tiffany


  1. Gorgeous favorite so far. I love the colors, the layers, the textures, and most of all the glitter swirls! Great idea!

  2. Freehand flourishes??? Amazing!!! Love your cards. TFS!

  3. Bee-u-tee-full cards, Tiffany. Love the sentiment.
    -- Connie C.

  4. Your attention to detail is just amazing!

  5. Tiffany...I can't WAIT to get my hands on these stamps and dies! Seriously, you have me singing Christmas Carols and pretending there is a blizzard outside...the men in my house have started exchanging "the look" that usually means that I need to take my exuberance down a notch....but I am just going to refuse to comply until my PTi box arrives! I am being silly - but I really do love these projects and appreciate the inspiration!

  6. Two beautiful cards, Tiffany! Lovin all those snowflakes (from here in FL :)

  7. Lovely cards!! I LOVE snow and was really amazed that the tiny snowflakes literally have a shape in each of the flakes.

    Definitely love this stamp set.



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