Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Time Out, post 1

Hello Dear Bloggers!
 Today I have a ton of fun things to share! My husband and I are the children's pastors at our local church in Colorado Springs, CO, and we have a fun activity to share with families.

This is a challenge to parents to slow down during the holiday season and spend some intentional face-to-face time with their children. Each Sunday at church we will have a new suggestion with supplies to help families get started. This week we are encouraging parents to make Christmas cards with their children.

I pulled together art for parents and have them printed on sheets at church. (We have a "Christmas Time Out" table with supplies in the children's wing at our church.) 

Each printable page has options to allow children and parents to build their own cards. Colors coordinate, so it's easy to make several cards together and not buy a ton of different papers and accessories.
 I made a point to keep these cards simple. You don't have to use every kind of embellishment to make a fun card. A child will be excited to just cut out the elements, color, glue, and bring it all together. Sometimes as a parent, I over-complicate the project, but keeping it simply allows me to actually focus on my child, not just the artsy stuff.
  I want my children to remember the times when I looked them in the eye, affirmed them, cherished them. I remember those moments with my mom and dad. More then the craft or agenda, it was their time and attention that made and impact on my life.

Sitting down at the table with a child is the perfect time to talk about the meaning of Christmas. As you make cards for others, challenge children to think outside their normal circle of friends.
 There is someone who would be so grateful to receive a thoughtful card. Is it a grandparent? A neighbor? Teacher? You never know who is lonely in this holiday season. This could be the only card a person receives. It could sit out on their counter for weeks or longer. The loving gesture and words of encouragement could be exactly what someone needs to get them through a tough season.

Below are the printable sheets created for these projects.  I hope you have a wonderful week heading into the Christmas season! Put some Christmas music, chug the egg nog, and spend time investing in the "short people" in your life. :)

Love Tiffany

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