Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Papertrey Ink!

Hello Dear Bloggers!
It's that wonderful time of the year when we look forward to a new season at Papertrey Ink! It's hard to believe that I have been designing stamps with PTI for 5 years now! Wow!

I am honored to release more stamps this year, and excited to share the fun printable stamp, too!

Doesn't this card just look like an explosion of fun?! I love the busy grungy paper, but sometimes I don't know how to utilize it well- I get intimidated because there is so much going on. Well, today, I just went all out with textures and bling, and I am just loving it! It's like layering necklaces and jewelry... the more the merrier!

It seems like I love having the darker card base, but it's hard to write on, and usually I just use plain cardstock- but this time I grabbed the coordinating scrap. A nice little touch!

 I thought this card would be fun for ANYONE! Whether for a birthday for a child or a grandparent, it's fun to praise people before being young at heart.
 This card just looks like SUMMER to me! This morning we woke up to a temperature of -14... yep, that's right. So the warm colors, and fuzzy texture just felt perfect. And I like the little cluster of bling on the sentiment, too!

 This was my first card to make in the batch, and I love how peaceful and simple it is! I am a big fan of pearls, and the little red bird is just to precious, too!
 Today's strategy for my crafting session was USE YOUR STUFF. You know all that fun stuff hiding in a drawer, just waiting for the perfect project? Pull it out and use it! Enjoy it- use it up! Don't save it anymore!

I am going to keep this card out in sight next to some vintage decor. It reminds me to be a blessing to others!

Well, with a new year ahead, there are lots of great things to look forward to! This is a huge year for me and my family! I am releasing my first novel in April 2014.

CHILDREN of the CITY is a novel about human trafficking in America. It is an awareness tool that incites action by connecting readers to non-profits, and I am donating 40% of profits to freedom fighting organizations. We are in a Pre-Release Launch which allows people to pre-order the book and expand the reach of the book when it is published.

I would be honored if you would buy the $10 E-Book or check out the paperback or other perks!

Thanks so much for your support for my designs, writing, and the fight for freedom! You are an amazing community!

Nothing But Grace,


  1. Love your cards, Tiffany ~ especially the vintage feel of the last one with that sweet flower print and lovely color combo.

  2. Love the cards. They are amazing.

  3. Oh Tiffany! I clicked over to watch your book trailer and realized I had already seen it while trolling Indiegogo the other day as I am getting ready to launch a campaign for one of my products. Such an important topic. I live in Portland, OR which is a big hub for trafficking, has been even way back in the shanghai years and opium. I will be praying for your book to reach many and I look forward to reading it.

  4. Beautiful cards! Congratulations on your book and on shedding additional light on this very important topic!! May it cause many ripples of action!!



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