Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gail!

So truth be told. I have an awesome mother-in-law! God really outdid Himself when he brought the Pastor family into my life. Gail is not just a mother-in-law... she is a dear friend! Probably one of my closest to be quite honest. She is definitely the one who got my hooked on scrapbooking... and even better- she taught me all about acrylic stamps and the super fun I can have with this hobby. Aside from the awesome connection in the scrapbooking/stamping world, I really enjoy being with her! She gives me great counsel. She makes me laugh. She is has a generous heart. She loves God with her whole heart. She encourages my marriage. She spoils my son. What more could I ask for in a mother-in-law?
When Gail's birthday arrived, I wanted to make a card that was fun and brought the cheer of the spring season we are experiencing here in Florida. (March just might be the best month ever!) Ya know how sometimes you can sit at your table and get nothing done for way too long? This card was an easy inspiration because it was for a very inspiring woman. I think my favorite part was writing the sentiments inside. I love personalized cards written as a gift for others.
Happy Birthday, Gail! You are loved!


  1. What a pretty card. You mother-in-law will love it. God is so great, isn't he?!

  2. Oh how sweet!! What a blessing to have such awesome connection with your MIL. This card looks great I'm sure she'll truly love it :)

  3. I have this set too but no matter how hard I try I can never make a card that I like with it! Might have to sell that one on....anyway like this card! You seem to have the knack for using these doodly images



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