Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fall Elegance Stamp Set Winner!

Congratulations to "The Pavlina Family"!
who wrote:
"These are exciting projects you have created! I love the festivity of this set combined with the fun and elegant flourishes. It will be perfect for so many occasions!"

You have won the Fall Elegance Stamp Set! Please email me with your contact information so I can mail your stamp set to you and you can begin with the fun!

Check out my blog tomorrow to get inspired with a beautiful new project!


  1. My wife enjoys your "Blog" so very much and we have been trying to learn how to send a comment back, so far with no success. This will be another effort / test to respond.

  2. Apparently the "anonymous" effort worked. We do not understand the "PROFILE" thing. Anonymity is not necessarily our goal

  3. It looks like betijo is now getting the hang of this thing.

    I live near Colorado Springs, am heavily into stamping, am a "believer' and hope we can meet someday. Irene

  4. Tiffany~
    My dear husband has been helping me learn to send a comment :) Now it is my turn. I love your Fall set for Papertrey!!!! and enjoy your work. We live in Woodland Park up the mountain from Colo Springs and would love to meet you when you move here. We are believers and have a wonderful church!! Irene Talaasen



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