Friday, October 30, 2009

A New Home

Hi Everyone!

So sorry that I have been MIA for two months. Just days after my August release of Fall Elegance, my family and I moved to Colorado. We are in Monument, just outside of Colorado Springs. What a change it has been! I have been a Florida girl my whole life, so it has been quite an adjustment from the change in weather, navigating new roads, now staying home with my son, making new friends... just a whole lot of change. The first month was the hardest, then every week after that got better and better. I love being home with Noah, my two year old, and every day I am feeling more and more at home here.

The past few days we have had a whirlwind of snow! Luke got to stay home for two snow days and we got well over two feet of snow at our house! Geesh! For two days it felt like we were living in a snow globe! Snow was falling non-stop! The sky has finally cleared and now it is a beautiful winter wonderland. And it is still October, folks! Well, I thought I would add some pictures of my family in our new surroundings.
This is my son, Noah and I up in the mountains last week when my parents came to visit.
This is Noah standing next to my very first snow man! Am I a Florida girl, or what? I had NEVER made a snow man before! I felt that it was only appropriate for my snow man to wear a Florida Gator hat. :)

This is Noah and my mom enjoying the best part of a cold snowy day... Hot Cocoa!

One fabulous thing about snow days is the opportunity to get creative in the craft room! So, tomorrow I will be sharing some of my recent projects over the past few days.

Nothing but Grace,



  1. Welcome! I think you're going to love it here.

  2. I'm another Florida girl, and never seen snow!

  3. Wow, Monument... we just moved from Colorado Springs and there was always snow from October till June. But it usually melts pretty quickly, since it's so sunny there. Monument Pass is the part of the freeway that always has the worst blizzard conditions between the Springs and Denver. It can be scary sometimes... but being snowed in occasionally was also kind of fun and it is so beautiful there! I do miss it and I hope you love living there.



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