Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Inspirations #2

All right, this could not be a more perfect day to post more Easter scrapbooking pages! All day it has been dark, gray, windy, and crazy cold. It seems colder than it did most of winter since atleast a few months ago I was prepared and expected a frigid temperature. But it was nice since I am working on an FFC Newsletter, so I didn't have ANY pretty sunshine taunting me as I was glued to my computer all day. Hopefully, these pages will bring some spring time cheer no matter what the weather was for you!

One again, I had to use the Papertrey Ink large border scallop. I just love it! The pink, green, and brown combo compliments many of the colors in the photos. These pages are from the FFC Egg Hunt in 2009. Luke was the property manager, and he would work for weeks getting the property in tip top shape. The prayer gardern had bouganvillas, hibiscus, lilies, tropical flowers, and many more colorful arrangements in the surrounding pots. The whole place was in full bloom and it seriously looked like an upscale resort! So many families, ours included, took photos in the garden. Those colors are the inspiration for the hues on this page.

This picture was one of my favorites of the season. Pretty typical with Noah grinning and a lolly pop in his mouth. (He had an excessively large stash in my mom's office at the church.) The playful title font was cut out with my SLICE. (Is anyone surprised?)
PATTERN PAPER. It is really fun combining the playful, bright colors, with the elegant patterns in the background page. It keeps things interesting and gives a nice balance to the page.
I used a light pink ink and some swirly stamps to give the pink border a little more pizazz.

I have enjoyed going different options of collage work on my pages. I love the clean lines. I love when it all fits like a puzzle. It creates a sophisticated journalistic style that appeals to me.

This pages was all around a bit more simple, but I have decided that not all pages have to be overly busy, or fill with fun clutter. Sometimes it's just nice to let the pictures and the emotions behind them shine brighter than the artistic details.
I can't wait to show you all my next Easter Page... with pics from just a few weeks ago! I love that I am all caught up with Easter! Go me!
May the Light of Jesus SHINE brightly in your heart. May you be FILLED up and overflowing with HIS GRACE!
Love Tiffany

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