Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Savvy Series #2

How could we have a Summer Savvy Series and not include the biggest holiday of the Summer! I LOVE Independence Day! Aside from the fact that there is a slew of birthdays in July... My husband, my father-in-law, mt sister-in-law, and my husband's cousin... all in the first two weeks of July. Luke and His dad have July 3 and July 6, so the fourth of July holiday is not only a celebration of our Freedom as a country, but also a celebration of two wonderful men in my life!
Just as in my Easter Inspirations Series, I decided to scrapbook two years of Independence day all at once. What a fun way to do it, and I feel so accomplished when I am finished! I am actually caught up on this holiday. I may not be caught up on a lot of things in my scrapbook, but atleast the Achiever in my feels good to check off this holiday as "caught up"... Doesn't that feel wonderful!?!
I gotta say, the picture above, with Gail (of Cruise and Crop) with her napping grandson in her lap is soo precious. I love his soft little baby skin belly hanging out of his shirt. *Sigh*, baby days are so precious! How do they grow so fast?

This pattern paper made scrapping this holiday such a cinch! It's grungy with subtle details and shadows that I just loved! Looking above you will see Cheri (the other founder of Cruise and Crop) with her awesome family, and cute little boy, too!

I titled this page FREEDOM, because I fight for freedom. I love freedom. I believe that God loves us and is the greatest advocate for freedom in our lives. AND... the issue of Freedom has been a big deal in my life over the past year and a half. In November of 2008, I first learned of the tragic issue of Human Trafficking in our world TODAY. I was broken and torn up and wept over the thought of children and women being forced into slavery of all kinds, and especially sex eploitation.
>>Believe it or not, but 27 MILLION people are enslaved today. Crime leaders have found that selling people is far more profitable than selling drugs or other products... you can only sell cocaine once before needing to get more, but you can sell people over and over and over again.
Over one hundred years, there was an underground movement to free slaves, and today slave trade in America is so hard to track that is has become an underground movement as well.
>>BUT, we can't turn a deaf ear, or ignore all that is going on in other countries, AND in on our own land... we must do something.
>>STOP Child Trafficking Now is one of many ministries that is fighting slavery in our country and abroad. This site and others on the left sidebar will give you information and resources. There are many ways to create awareness, support the cause, and get involved hands on. What will you do? You have gifts and talents to offer... and I know that you can make a difference when you offer yourself, your time, and your resources.
A great book to read that will educate you on domestic and international human slavery is called "Not for Sale". I was blown away when I read this book!

SO, this is the first time I am publicly announcing my work on a book to create awareness about human trafficking. In May 2009, I had a long and detailed dream. I always have crazy dreams, but this one was special, and I was very emotionally attached to it and to the characters in my dream. I jotted down lots of notes, but after looking at my busy schedule put the idea aside.
This past fall, I felt more and more urging to write this story, and on my 27th birthday in early November, I began writing. The story is about a girl's journey learning about child trafficking that happens in America... and even in her home town in Denver, CO. She has a choice to make a difference. She has a choice to be a voice for those who have lost their own. It is a story that will break your heart and inspire you as well. So far, I am about 2/3 done and have about 200 pages under my belt. I am hoping to finish the first draft this summer and seek publishing. I will be so excited to update you with the progress of this book! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
>>SO... I am writing, I am praying, I am telling others... I know there will be even more me to do... so let me ask, what will you do? How will you get involved? How will you defend those who have been stripped of their rights and live in fear?
>>I LOVE FREEDOM! Don't you! It's worth fighting for!
Back to the happy world of scrapbooking! Here is a page capturing our July 4th celebrations in 2009. I love the deep blues, they almost feel like the dark sky filled with fireworks which goes nicely since that is where all the pictures were taken!

I made a collage of sorts for the pictures and framed it with the midnight blue ribbon and eyelets. White ink helped me stamp "USA" in several places on the layout and it looks blends in so nicely!

>>Below is my sweet family! Cheri and her little guy, and Papa John with his two grandsons.
OK, SO... as much fun as it is to see fun as it is to share pictures and pages... PRIZES are fun, too!!!
>>The Cruise and Crop giveaway prize is still up for grabs! Just leave a comment on today's post... and you will be eligible to win the CRAFTY PRIZE valued at $25!!! Leave your comment by Friday, May 28 to win!!
Happy blogging and happy crafting!!
Nothing but Grace,


  1. My vacation cruise sponsored by Cruise and Crop, Papertrey, Gina K, and Bella will be at the top of my list of favorite vacations for a long time. I am looking forward to going on another one of your wonderful cruises, and in the meantime drawing inspiration from your outstanding blog! Thanks so much

  2. Great layouts and opportunity to win a fantastic prize!! I will be adding you to my bookmarked blogs for more inspiration!!

  3. Kelly Welch, Cape Coral, FloridaMay 26, 2010 at 3:15 PM

    It is wonderful to see others celebrating July 4th in a special way. My birthday is July 3rd and for years, as a child, I thought everyone celebrated my birthday with me on the 4th.

  4. Your work is amazing! Our freedom is especially important in this day and age and I love to see layouts that express the meaning of freedom.

  5. I have been touched by your willingness to follow the call. I am inspired to live a life with more meaning AND to scrapbook that life. Thank you and many blessings.

  6. Amy,
    I love your perspective... Live a life with more meaning... and scrapbook it on the way! Love that!!!

  7. Tiffany, your layouts, photos, papers, and love for freedom are all beautiful here!

  8. Great layouts and good timing to inspire out for our July 4th layouts.

  9. Great to see some terrific layouts along with greating cards as I have a passion for both--keep them coming with your helpful hints!!



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