Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Berry Sweet Summer!

Greetings Sweet Bloggers!
My goodness! It has been a whirlwind the past few days. We attended the Desperation Conference (so AWESOME!) and I have been working non-stop on an upcoming publication the past few days. And in addition, I have been preparing for a card Make-n-Take.... The event is at New Life Church for Young Mom's. The theme: "A Berry Sweet Summer".

>> SO I am thrilled to be a part of this fun Young Mom's Night Out. Tonight (June 30) at 6:30pm. Any Mom's in their 20s and 30s come join us for some fun pampering!

>>So any of you who have created cards for mass production can totally sympathize with me. Praise God for my house mom who helped A LOT with cutting and preparing. We wanted the card to be BERRY CUTE, but not too intimidating for a non-crafty person walking up. So we have pieces all ready to make about 120 cards! Shwoo! Lots of cutting!

The theme of the night is BERRY SWEET. So the refreshments will be all kinds of berry desserts (with quite a bit of chocolate, too.)

>> Papertrey Saves the Day! I found some pattern paper that I wanted to use, and would you belive that PTI was a PERFECT MATCH!? We are utilizing Spring Moss and New Leaf cardstock. The pink and orange accents are actually a perfect match to the Summer Sunrise, and Raspberry Fizz colors too!
>>How great are these strings and ribbons? I love the colors together! I glued the pink down, then hole punched and wrapped the oranged through several time to make sure it is fastened tightly.
>> On the New Leaf background, I designed some subtle wording and a flourish to look like the leaves behind the stem. (This was easier than having the 100+ ladies stamp things.
>> BUT there MUST be some stamping right? Check out the swirls on the orange flower? We thought it would be a simple intro to stamping for them.

So, whatcha think? I hope the ladies like it! I am really looking forward to a fun night tonight!
Smile 'till your face hurts!!!

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  1. I was at its "A Berry Sweet Summer" event last night and it was amazing! I had the chance to make one of your cards, and it came out great! Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us:). It's always fun to meet other crafty moms who love the Lord!!

    I linked to you in my blog post today:)

    (I may have posted this twice - if so then so sorry!)



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