Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Heavenly Taste!

HOLY CANOLI! I had the best best BEST EVER breakfast!! We are a bunch of pancake and waffle lovers at the Pastor House! This morning I had a fabulous quiet time on my porch and my sweet boy greeted me with a smile and the kind of hug that knocks you over. I love that first hug of the morning! And I thought it might be a perfect day for pancakes. But since I used up all the milk chocolate chips on my Father's Day present for my husband, I had to use white chocolate (no complaints from me!). While my son was mixing the batter, I had an epiphany... why have not white chocolate and strawberries baked into the pancakes! If it works for blue berries, why not strawberries!?

>>> SO... WOW! I seriously think the angels were singing as I scarfed my pancakes! Warm strawberries and white chocolate with each bite. OK, confession, I ate NINE pancakes! It was a gluttonous moment, but I don't care! SO, you MUST try them! Makes some pancakes for breakfast, luch, or dinner (I am giving you permission!) and throw in some white chocolate and strawberries! Yum! I want to hear how you like it!
And to run with the elegance of my fancy breakfast tangent... Here's a card for you to peek at. It came out kind of regal, huh? I love the Melon Burst satin ribon, and I cut out fun pieces from the Color Couture series. Cuttlebug added some dimension, and the larger rhinestones made it feel quite fancy, too!
Check out my Truth Be Told blog for some pics from our Father's Day fun. :)
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