Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello ladies!
I am signing in from my hubby's mac and don't have a picture to display, so I will have to upload new things tomorrow! Sorry for the late post, but I am preparing a message on human trafficking for this weekend, and the day got away from me! I have been working on a video to introduce the topic, and look forward to sharing clips and sometime next week! :)

I DID have a lovely birthday! I will give a recap tomorrow with some card pics. I feel very blessed! 28 is gonna be a great year. :)

SO, I am excited to send along a birthday treat, including my new stamp set "Embellishments" to.......

On Nov. 8 at 3:43pm, Lin wrote:
"Great idea to celebrate your birthday all week! Amazingly enough, just a few hours ago I was going through some cards (store-bought ones) , that I have received down through the years, trying to decide whether or not to keep them! Isn't it amazing how a card can bring back the memories? Have a great birthday, and thanks for sharing your goodies!"

And my advice Lin, keep the cards! :) Lin, be sure to email me your address and contact info so I can get your prize in the mail!

Smiles and hugs to all my blogging buddies out there!

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