Sunday, February 15, 2009

A teacher's love...

As Valentines Day was approaching, I began to think of the long list of people whom I love so very much. On that list were a group of women who taken care of my son almost every day! Right now I work full time at my church and my son attends Faith Fellowship Academy where he is loved and cared for. Several different women throughout the day teach him, encourage him, and love on him. While I wish that I could be with him more, I am forever grateful to the ladies who take care of my son!

So on Wednesday night I stayed up and put together eight Valentine's Cards for the teachers and principal. This card and a small box of chocolates definitely made the ladies smile. They were so thrilled and have their cards hanging up in the classroom.
This card features a unique font called: Mary Jane Tankard. I love the combination of Pink and Black elements. The brilliant pink glitter is called Tourmaline by the Martha Stewart collection. This glitter goes with everything!

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