Sunday, March 21, 2010

Distressed Fun!

Tim Holtz, eat your heart out! (LOL!)


OK, so I am crazy about all things grunge. By trade I have been doing graphic design for churches and with many young adult or youth oriented projects, I fell in love with the grunge and distressed techniques!! I wish there was more of this in the stamping world! I had the joy of seeing a lot of Tim Holtz's distressed stuff at the CHA convention and it left me inspired.

This was a fun card I made for my father-in-law. He is a number cruncher and has involuntarily become the accountant for our families. He does the taxes, he keeps the business accounting straight for Cruise and Crop... let's just say, this man rocks! SO, I wanted to make a card that was more masculine, and I started out with the light blue cardstock and found the cool pattern paper to go with it. HOWEVER, I will actually be brave enough to admit that my hand was not steady and all the sudden I had ink in all the wrong places... so what did I do?


>>> Back when I was a kid, I dreamed of being an artist. I had art sets with all kinds of supplies. I loved big pads of thick white paper, but whenever it wasn't perfect I was ready to tear it up and start over. Maybe my mom was being insightful OR maybe she knew that we didn't have moola to replace all my 'oops moments'... so I will never forget the sound of her voice "An artist never messes up!" Her point? Just work with it, make adjustments... you might actually like that better!

Well, that is exactly what I did for this card. I kept playing with it. I kept stamping. I embossed a rich black texture around the edges. I also added the black brads on the pattern paper for more depth and a metal feel. And so I must say thanks to Mom for her advice. I think she was right!


Looking at how much creative effort went into this little card makes we especially thankful that the God I worship does not ever give up on me. He's the Creator of all things (and that means me!) and He continues to work in my life. I think a big lie that people believe is that God has given up on them, that he's thrown them out with the trash. Don't believe that junk!!! Remember this scripture from the heart of your Creator...

Philippians 1:6... being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Even when I mess up, even when life doesn't look perfect and I am all covered in ink... God still pursues me, loves me, and works on me. In Ephesians 2 it shares that we are God's workmanship, the NLT says we are His MASTERPIECE. I maybe not feel pretty some days, but I am glad to know that my Savior, Jesus, is still masterfully shaping me into who I was created to be!!

Guess what?!?! HE HASN'T GIVEN UP ON YOU EITHER!! Today is the perfect day to start talking to God again... and a great day to start listening for His voice, too!


  1. Natalie WintersteinMarch 21, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    Tiffany - you are so right! Thanks for sharing your creativity and you passion for Christ! :) Thank goodness God doesn't give up on me - even when I might give up on Him.

  2. Thank you, Tiffany, for the beautiful thoughts. Even at my age, I need to hear this!! Blessings on your day.

  3. what a great message! i need to be reminded of this from time to time... thank you for that - and for sharing your talent.

  4. You are an inspiration. Don't know if you remember how many craft projects we did back in the day at Suntree United Methodist Church when I worked in the nursery. Donna had so many craft projects going for you guys all the time. I am a crafter. I have been making and selling my things since Melana was a baby. Love your grunge. Cathy Lombardo



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