Tuesday, June 15, 2010


OK Friends,
Believe it or not, I actually made this card for my husband for father's day an entire week ago! Nevermind the fact that I honestly thought that Father's day was last Sunday. :) None the less, now I have more time to plan a gift for my amazing husband. I DO appreciate him SO very much! Right now he is at the gym with my little boy so I can have time to write my book. (I am taking a quick to post on my blog... don't tell him! ha!)
DADDIO has been a recent nickname that I have trained my almost three year old son to call Luke. :) And I thought it would be fitting for the card to reflect this fun season of being a dad for him. It's nice to make a card a bit more personal with a person's name, nickname, or something about them that would be especially for them. :) I love that! It is what makes my card different from the others in the store.

>>Would you believe I got this distressed pattern paper at Hobby Lobby on clearance for 10 cents? I LOVE those deals! I thought the paper would be a fun masculine option for Luke's card. And I totally love the color scheme, too! That teal, brown and spring moss goes so nicely together!
>> PaperTrey saves the Day! Don't miss the perfect strip of PTI spring moss cardstock, coupled with the AWESOME Eyelete lace die I used on some brown heavy felt.
>> Hats off to my handy dandy SLICE for cutting out my custom title!
>> How about that awesome distressed stamping I did? This little $7 set of grunge elements was CALLING my NAME at Michael's the other day! (A 40% off coupon made it an even sweeter deal!) If you know me, then you know I love all things grunge, vintage, and flourished... so I had fun incorporating those elements in the card by stamping spring moss ink right on the same color cardstock.
>> I really love using twine or thin threads instead of big satin ribbons lately. It is especially nice for my husband's card. And you can't beat the price! 7 yards for 35 cents in any color you want? Love that!
In Colorado there are dandelions everywhere bursting into wishful wonders! I love blowing wishes on these little buds and have successfully sucked my son into the addiction as well. It's perfect for a relaxed afternoon walk. I love to see the little wishes float off with the breeze!

Here's one last shot from my backyard. Blurred behind the card is the gorgeous view of Pike's Peak and the Rocky Mountain skyline. What a beautiful place to live! I am so blessed!

I hope you have a gorgeous day! Drink some lemonade, enjoy fresh fruit, dream a new dream, and laugh a lot!

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