Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Place to Call Home

Hello dear bloggers!
Well, this post is long overdue, but it is here none the less! SO, my sweet little girl was born just three weeks ago. I was waiting for the family to come and see her room before posting pictures online and then the recent PTI release had to take precedence. Above you can see my sweet little pumpkin. Wow, I am so in love with this girl, it is just crazy! She has honestly been smiling since the day she was born and she is just an absolute joy for our family.

Decorating my daughter's room felt like a special gift for me to give her. I would day dream about her room... only God knows how many more girls I might have, so I was ready to go all out. :)

I was pretty sure I wanted her room to be done in purple and green. I have always been a "purple" kind of girl. And one day I happened upon the Vera Bradley new print called "Water Color" and I was just in love! It is girly, soft, sophisticated, and classy. And I loved the accent colors of blue and gray. SO I picked out a bunch of coordinating fabrics and sweet-talked my sewing savvy mother-in-law, Gail, to work her magic for me. She blew me away with her creativity! She made a custom bumper, dust ruffle, nursing cover, fitted sheet, swaddler, and burp clothes. I just LOVE it!

Above you see another custom gift from a very dear friend. She took the coordinating beach towel and attached a matching hood and created a matching wash cloth. My little girl is going to be so blessed to fit into this snuggly towel for a long time!

The secret to my Vera Bradley room is all in the linen napkins they sell online. The napkins come in 20 inch squaeres which is just big enough to use in all kinds of projects!

Of course the room needed a little crafty touch... so I made these two frames (pictures still needing to be put in) with the matching decor. One frame will have her birth date, weight etc, and the other frame has a scripture verse that I love (John 4:13-14).

I also created a shadow box with a psalm-like poem or prayer I wrote for her. As you can see from the different frames, I cut out the flowers from the Vera Bradley pattern and used them in the design to tie everything together. I was excited to add the texture of the fabric and also have the matching imagery.

One of my favorite pieces in the room (above) is my daughter's name. This was a fun custom project. I designed her name with different fonts and my mother-in-law was able to cut them out in vinyl using her Pazzle so I could easily attach them to my picture frames. I used the coordinating fabric as a back drop to the frames. My awesome husband hand-crafted the shelf for me. The moulding and details are beautiful and compliment the baby furniture in the room. Yay, Luke! It came out looking very sharp and really helps create a strong center piece for the room.

I really wanted to make a crafty mobile to go over my daughter's crib, but after much thought decided it would likely end up looking like a wire-hanger science project. One day, though, I thought it would be cool to have a giant flower ball instead. I had several coordinating silk flowers already chosen and after promising my husband a hundred times that it would not be too heavy to hang over the crib, I began the project. My sweet, sis-in-law, Brenna, spent a couple hours with me as we put it together. Let's just say that this baby room would be nothing if it weren't for hot glue and a few sacrificial blisters. And the secret to my flowering centerpiece? It is a paper lantern! Super light in weight and super easy to hang up. My flower ball is 16 inches in diameter and the picture just doesn't do it justice (yay for Hobby Lobby's online shop!). The canopy was made with silver mesh, my sis- Brenna, and a whole lot of patience. She was a great sis to stand on the high bar stools while prego (me!) stood back and critiqued her work! LOVE you, Brenna!

My hubby painted my glider black for me- which was a thrift store treasure I found at just the right time! I made a little seat cushion to pull that corner together.

OK, yes, I actually did decorate the baby powder and wipes containers. Laugh all you want! :) But they DO look so much nicer with matching felt and ribbon! You know I could not have gotten away with that for a boy's room!

Well, I hope you enjoy the little tour of my baby room! It has been so fun nesting and welcoming my little girl into our family. I also finished her one year baby album before she was born- so I will be sure to share posts of those pages as well. AND I will also be sharing a recap on the story of her birth. What an AMAZING God-Moment it was! And that is no joke!

Now I must get back to my little angel... she has won me over again and again... and I have a feeling it won't stop. Being a mom is really such a joy and a gift from God.

Nothing But Grace,



  1. So Happy for you! Her room is amazing, so you, so classy. And you are right, being a mom is such a joy and gift from God.

  2. So first let me just say AMAZING! Tiff this looks just wonderful and I am so very happy that you pulled it all together and I am sure your sweet lil girl will just love everything. Second... are you for hire? lol I need a few decorating tips for the lil mans room! Hope all is well we send love and kisses!

  3. Wow! I love Vera Bradley, and you are an amazing decorator! It looks awesome! I am really happy for you, Luke and Noah. Enjoy little Brooke and all the special moments that make memories to last a life time. Blessings to you all!

    Edwina Schweitzer

  4. congrats... she is gorgeous! Enjoy her!
    The room is just perfect!

  5. Your sweet baby girl looks a lot like you. She has such a content look. Hope you enjoy every minute.

  6. I've never met a girl with so many callings! You truly are blessed, my friend. Christ-follower, wife, mama, preacher, writer, artist, singer, interior designer/decorater, and the list goes on and on and on and on.... Love you and so proud to know you!


  7. Amazing!! I love you Brooke! {heart} Aunt Cheri

  8. Love her room, love her, love you all. Enjoy this precious time. :O) Donna Griffin

  9. Is she gorgeous or what!! This is my first visit to your blog & I see a beautiful creation! You've been blessed!

  10. Congratulations! I've been a mom now for *almost* 8 years (longer if you count the time ds spent inside the womb, lol)... and it is still a gift from God as I'm just a day away from celebrating the 5th birthday of my baby (and that is my girl). I pray God's blessings for you and your growing family... and you decorate whatever you want too :)... because I'm a mom who went all in too... and I still do and it is fun!

  11. Congratulations!! the room is soo beautiful, love all the details you added, and your daughter is breath taking beautiful May God protect her! when I saw the last pic of her, tears poured from my eyes, she is so precious!

  12. Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous. Enjoy your beautiful family.

  13. Congratulations! She is beautiful and she is as blessed to have you as her mom as you are to have her in your life.

  14. This is my first visit to your blog from Dawn's PTI sneaks. Your daughter is gorgeous and s true blessing from God.
    I am amazed at her gorgeous room and all the special projects created with love. I am sure she will enjoy it for years to come.
    God Bless You and your family.

  15. Congratulations she is so sweet and beautiful
    ..all my very best wishes.

  16. Sweet pictures of Brooke. She's a doll. :) Love the colors and projects and details in the nursery. Blessings to Brooke and your family.

  17. congratulations on your new little angel!!! I'm so happy for you :-) And the room is just wonderful: you did a lovely job on it!!

  18. Congratulations on your sweet, beautiful, little bundle of joy. My prayer is that God will watch over her all the days of her life.


  19. Congratulations on your new beautiful blessing! Such a doll! Im so happy for you and truly nothing is better! You have made such a beautiful room for her. Continued Blessings!

  20. About how many napkins did it take for you to do this project?



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