Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Make My Day BRITE!

Hello Sweet Bloggers!
Thanks so much for stopping by to see another bright and cheery post with some Rainbow Brite Nostalgia. :) If you are looking for details on the elements of these cards along with the "Make-It Monday" challenge, just check out the previous posts from:
Rainbow Day 1, and Rainbow Day 2.

This card was a inspired by what I called the "Debbie Olson Style". I love her blog! Her style is clean cut, with bold colors, usually an adorable frame and a bow offset to keep your eye moving. SO, with my "blog hero" in mind, this is how the card came out. :) And it turned out to be one of my favorites! :)

This was the card I first made for the Make-It Monday challenge... I loved the "Shine Brite" sentiment and youthful nature with the felt and crochet elements. :)
I have been having a fabulous couple of days lately. (It's so nice when your body is healthy and functioning well! I am acutely aware and grateful!)
Been having good quality time with my son. (Even in the craft room. He is so adorable and curious... and he generally makes a mess but enjoys himself.) Also enjoying some rest... trying to close my eyes a bit while the little guy naps. AND, I have been loving watching our seeds sprout! Noah and I have been working on a flower garden. We planted seeds all in the front bed, and have a lot of seeds in little pots as well. His first pot really started to bloom and seeing his amazement was PRICELESS. Wow. So cool. We have been watching little green sprouts pop up, and though we are still weeks away from seeing blooms, the process is very fun! :)
Have a weekend... I will be back soon with more creativity to share in a bit!
Until, keep smiling, keep loving, and sing while you are at it!
Love Tiffany

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  1. I have my Rainbow Brite birthday card displayed in my cubical at work. It makes me smile whenever I look at it. Thank you and love you! :)



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